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Prodigy Oil and Gas Production System

Production System of Prodigy Oil and Gas

Prodigy Oil and Gas Company are the most efficient and first developing petroleum company in Oklahoma. it’s holing its glories past and looking further to becoming the biggest Investing Company in USA. Prodigy is watching developments of reserves in and across the borders of these United States. Reserve is key to growing petroleum products quickly and economically. The big key here for Prodigy oil and Gas Company is their production system. They got worlds most effective and financially profitable methods and best of these methods are Horizontal Oil Drilling process and Water flooding method.

Oil and Gas Production of Prodigy Company
Oil and Gas production system.

Horizontal Oil Drilling

After founding of oil in America many companies are interested in generating more oil then regular that need was fulfilled since 1921 to 1922 at Oklahoma, the horizontal drilling was invented. After that day of invention horizontal drilling became an integral part of USA’s petroleum industry. Sucking oil from multiple angles provides a huge advantage to the owner for gathering a vast amount of profit. Option of finding several angles allows motor man to cover the untouched area of oil reserve and horizontal well provide us the opportunity to maximize production from the same conventional well prick by minimizing the cost and ecological damage. Vertical drilling is plowed as a normal angled pipe the pipe follows the existing conventional rig the drilling part take place unless the drill bit touches the targeted level normally the level is established above hundred meter of rock unit, this sum depends of the oil pit. After that drilling session the pipe is pulled over from the well and a hydraulic motor which is powered by a flow of drilling mud down the rigged pipe is attached, between that drill bit and drill pipe, to rotate the drill bit without shaking the entire length of drill motor between the rig and the ground. This makes the bit to drill a path that deviates from the orientation of the drill pipe. Following the installation of motor, the bit and pipe are put back down in the well and the bit drills a path that steers the well prick vertical to horizontal over a distance of a few hundred feet unless pipe gets the perfect direction. Then workers straighten it and the drills down to the targeted place. A great careful navigation is required by the yardman for placing the pipe in a narrow rocky underground. For determining the orientation of the drilling position, whole instruments are used. Vertical well drilling can multiply the production of natural resources like gas or oil from a well. Prodigy Oil and Gas company calmed that without it yield of oil would be much lesser than what is now and many profitable well would sealed to be futile. Vertical drilling may seem expensive but the extra cost can easily recovered by increased production from the well. In sector of Vertical drilling in the state Oklahoma a huge tax reduction can be achieved because 7 % gross production tax on conventional oil and gas but whoever drills horizontal wells only pay 1% for the first 48 months for gross generation of gas and oil.

Water flooding

Water injecting system is an effective oil recovery method and its popularity is growing because it can maintain the petroleum generating rate of a reserve whole for a longer then normal period of time. Many experts are claming this process as a better solution then vertical drilling methods. Some facts are also proving the experts saying because less then only 32% of the oil reserve can be recovered from oil pit, but water injecting system can increase that rate and make it to more then 55% and some extant further then that and it was invented accidentally in Pennsylvania at the year of 1865 but water flooding become common for prodigy oil and gas company at 1980s. Water injection refers to the method in the oil companies to increase pressure and by injecting massive amount of water into the well through a pipe for support the pressure of whole which is well-known as voyage replacement and to sweep out oil from the hiding part of reserve, and push it towards the wells whole and that’s how the oil generating loss is stimulated .Nowadays this process is so common that in both sector of offshore and onshore oil collecting companies. We all know the crisis of water in Oklahoma therefore water flooding is very hard to use, companies are always in search of aqua for their well. Any source of aqua can be use but the aqua has to be chemical free that’s why seawater is the obvious choose of producers because it is the most convenient source of water however, filtering, dehydrogenating and biociding is generally required because Oxygen must be removed from the water because it promotes corrosion and growth of certain bacteria. Bacterial growth in the reservoir can produce toxic hydrogen sulfide, a source of serious production problems, and block the pores in the rock. A dehydrogenating tower brings the injection water into contact with a dry gas stream. The filtered water drops into the de-oxygenation tower, splashing onto a series of trays, causing dissolved oxygen to be lost to the gas stream. but for offshore nothing can be better than it and it may be pumped inshore for use in land fields. However experts are advising to use river water, but it also require filtration and bidding before injection and many natural organizations are protesting against it and aquifer water from water-bearing formations other than the oil reservoir, but in the same structure, has the advantage of purity where available. Recently produced aqua is used very often for injection. This source of water is much better then river or sea and got low possibility of causing any formation damage due to incompatible fluids, although some risk of scaling or corrosion in injection flow lines or tubing still remains. It’s hard to find any reliable sores of clean water for prodigy oil and gas in Oklahoma so they are looking forward to the filters and water purification plants to reach their goal.

Prodigy Oil and Gas

Prodigy Oil and Gas is one of the leading oil and gas investment company found by Shawn Bartholomae. Shawn Bartholomae started with his company from 2001 and still now Prodigy played a good rule. Find out more information about prodigy from here.

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